Holiday and Christmas Cupcakes

Snowmen holiday cupcake delivery

Our Frosty the snowman holiday cupcakes are so cute this year! We also have Rudolph the reindeer cupcakes to go with the snowmen.  Together they make a super easy XMAS gift.

Thumpety thump, thump, thumpety thump, thump, look at these cupcakes go.  Our snowman invasion is loved by many people in Toronto! We hope you too will enjoy these amazing cupcakes by sending a gift of holiday cupcakes.

Each one takes a lot of time to decorate. Every morning we make these cupcakes from scratch in our Toronto bakery. The arms, buttons and nose are meticulously added to make “Frosty the cupcake” perfect. While this snowman is not ice cold, they are sure to warm your heart with goodness.

But, they are only here for a short time! Order a holiday cupcake delivery today. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy these sweet treats.